Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Power of Dreams: Dreaming A New World

Dreaming A New World

We are living in a defining moment in human history. Scientists tell us that what do we in the next 3 years will determine our future here on Earth. We have finally arrived at the great 'Initiation of Humanity' many sensed was coming. As overwhelming as that sounds, each of us can do our part in transforming this society and saving the world. We have to get it right.

We begin by changing ourselves. One of the oldest questions in recorded history is, “What is the most difficult of all things?” The answer was and still is, “To Know yourself.”

The only way to really change your behavior, attitudes and beliefs is to 'Know yourself'. Before you can change someone else, before you can change the world 'out there', you have to take the 'mote' out of your own eyes and see your own behavior and attitudes. If we are all One, part of Gaia's World Soul, than the understanding and peace you find for yourself will contribute to the peace and understanding in the world. Re-balance yourself, replenish the Earth. Then go out and change our collective culture, which is the root cause of our problems.

Self-knowledge is gained in many ways – often beginning with pain, illness and despair. Then we learn through our spirituality/religion/philosophy, through the help of spiritual healers, psychics or therapists, through body work, through art, through education, through life experience. It is a journey of a lifetime.

But now we are faced with an urgency for change. We are forced to look to ourselves to find the answers. In the end, you are the only one who can 'know yourself'. The 'inner work' of self-knowledge is done by engaging the Unconscious – especially the Collective Unconscious. An important way to do this is by understanding your Dreams. Your dreams speak to you with your own inner voice and wisdom. Only your inner Self really knows what your soul desires, even if 'Ego/you' doesn't know it yet. Trust your Self!

Carl G. Jung, the Swiss Psychologist, believed that within each of us is a central organizing principle which he called the Self. His exploration of the Unconscious taught him that all of us have the potential for Individuation – becoming our own unique Selves. Not an easy task. He felt the best way to access the Unconscious was through our dream life. He also felt that if we did not deal with our 'Shadow' – the feared and unloved unconscious parts of each of us which we project out onto the world – that we would create the very destruction that we see fast approaching. In America, our Shadow is showing as we watch the political landscape.  That's why it's so important to own our Shadows.

Your Unconscious gives you the truth of who you really are. You are meant to develop into your unique Self, although it is the 'most difficult of all things' to do. And the best way to find yourself is to allow what's in your Unconscious to speak to your conscious ego and give you the other side of the story – the Soul's side. That's when you find your True Name. That's when you can begin to change the world.

When you turn your attention within, you activate your Unconscious. Like the Hero/ine on the Hero's Journey, once you set out to explore your Unconscious, it gives you magical gifts to help in your transformation, to help you in difficult life situations.

Dreams are messages from the Soul. The deep Unconscious carries the gifts of the Divine Femine – Lady Wisdom herself, who sleeps in our souls. When we answer our dreams by working with them, Wisdom awakens within us. There are dangers in the Unconscious – dangers of being overwhelmed if we don't know ourselves. Without an understanding of how to navigate in these dark and wild waters, we might never find our unique life purpose. Dreams are the vehicle we've been given to navigate these watery realms.

The most important thing to know about dreams is that they speak to us in symbolic language, our original language which we've forgotten. People, when telling me their dreams, invariably say, “It's so weird. It doesn't make sense.” But dreams do make sense. They speak the truth about our lives. We just need to remember this ancient story language which whispers to us every night while we sleep.

Recording and working with your dreams can change your life. It changed mine, as well as countless others. Just understanding one dream, and taking action on it, can change the whole direction of your life – bringing you love, changing your job, speaking your truth. A whole lifetime of dreamwork brings you the 'pearl of great price'. 
Only a wide-awake understanding of life and our place in it can meet the needs of our times. Astrologically, in the past few years we experienced some intense and interesting planetary configurations which resonate with the energies of the 60s. We will be called upon to step forward to participate in the coming evolution of our planet. But before we do, we have to step within ourselves, and discover the treasures and gifts that will be our unique contribution.

This is going to be an ongoing blog about dreams!  If you want to work with me on discovering the meaning of your dreams, email me for an appointment.


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