Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Symbolic Language is our Mother Tongue

To understand dreams you have to know symbolic language. This hidden language of the Imagination is the one language we all share.  It is our mother tongue.

Symbols are psychic activators. You have to contemplate symbols for them to reveal any part of their true meaning.  Symbols don't mean just one thing.  Symbols relate an experience, a feeling, a meaning. Symbolic language is the language of your soul. So when you see this language, you know that your soul is trying to talk with you.

When we dream, each part of the dream wants to take us into a whole story, a whole experience.  For example, if you dream you are being chased by a bear, you can go to a good symbol and dream dictionary and look up bear.  You'll find that bear symbolizes the primal power of the ancient Mother, a fierce defender, the spiritual warrior. 

Bears used to be worshiped throughout the ancient world.  But most of us have never experienced the power of the bear in nature.  So you've looked up bear, now your mind knows what it means. If you leave it at that, you'll never really understand what it means. You would be taking the image and making it a sign rather than a symbol.  A sign is like a stop sign.  It means one thing.  But a symbol has many meanings and great depth.  You never really come to the end of knowing what a symbol means.

So how do you work with this image to find its symbolic meaning? First you ask yourself what did the bear feel like in the dream? Was it very big? Did it smell? Was it angry? Was it curious? Then ask yourself what it felt like being chased by a bear? Where you panicked? Or did you freeze? These questions can only be answered by going back into the images.  

Do you feel bear's power?  Do you feel your fear? Going into the image will tell you things that a symbol dictionary can't about primal power.  Both the power and the fear are part of the symbol of bear. It's up to you to choose to consciously to channel the power of the bear or to stay stuck in the fear.

Did you know when you dream a bear is chasing you it wants you to face your own power? It's the bear energy that wants to engage your ego, your consciousness.  Bear calls you to protect yourself and your people and your world.   When you dream of bear, you are being called to your primal power. Only you can figure out how to use it wisely.

Did you know that King Arthur was a manifestation of the bear god?

Until next time

Sweet Dreams!

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