Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wisdom of Dreams: Relationships

Hello Dreamers,

Relationships are the very heart of Life.  They are the very thing we all long for and yet we are not taught or trained how to understand how relationships work.  We don't understand ourselves and we don't understand our partners very well, and so we constantly mess up.  With Jupiter traveling through Libra, the sign of relationship, for the next year, perhaps we'll learn how to find healing, balance and our own wholeness if we work with this energy.

Isis & Osiris: Susan Boulet

Ever since the Baby Boomer generation decided to search for our 'soul-mates' (we do have Neptune in Libra, so we put a lot of energy into looking for our perfect mate), we've run into trouble.  Our western culture has a tradition of Romantic Love that can really mess with our heads. If we really look at all the stories (Tristan & Isolde, Romeo & Juliet) that enshrine the idea of Romantic Love in our consciousness, you'll notice that one or both lovers end up dead.  Whether or not that was patriarchy's way of getting us to ignore true love because of the dire consequences that await us, we all have some work to do around the central value of Love.  True love isn't going to lead to literal death--it's supposed to lead to the death of our old ego-consciousness and the birth of a partnership consciousness.

As a Jungian-trained therapist, I like to look at all the figures in a dream as representing ourselves and our own energies, but sometimes we do dream about those people closest to us. 

So what happens when we dream that our husband/wife/partner is off making love to someone else?  This is a common dream occurrence.  Have you ever had one of these dreams?  I have.

What I learned about my husband was that he was emotionally engaging with a fantasy woman instead of being engaged with me.  And sometimes, that's okay.  We can't control who or what our people love, just as we can't control who we love.  Sometimes to grow, we have to let our emotional body connect with someone who isn't our life-partner.  That doesn't mean that they are literally cheating on us, but it does mean that we might not be providing the emotional support that is our job in the relationship.  And so our partners 'cheat' by imagining another way to feel.  Who are we to deny them this if we ourselves are holding back our love and emotions.

So next time you have a dream that your partner is playing around with someone else, check in with yourself to see where you've let your end of the relationship drop.  And then find ways to enchant that partner back into your bed.

Until next time,
Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wisdom of Dreams: Trusting Your Own Inner Wisdom

Elana Gibeault

Hello Dreamers!

This week's Pisces Full Moon lunar eclipse brings together the energies of Virgo, dealing with health and Pisces, the Collective Unconscious.  I was given permission to use one woman's dream to exemplify these energies.

The Dream:

I'm on a sandy beach down near the docks.  The day is overcast and the surf is choppy. My family is in the water in sunlight and having fun.  I'd like to join them.  I start toward them but notice floating debris all around me.  I realize it is dirty hypodermic needles and they seem to be contaminated with blood in them.  I'm upset because I've been stuck by several.  I call out to D. to tell him what's happened and he insists I go to the hospital.  I'm not sure how to manage that.

Then I'm on the dock with my sisters.  My older sister has a basket full of beautiful dresses belonging to our mother.  The dresses are like peacock feathers, blues and greens with diamond cutouts.  My sister L and I put on dresses and I'm surprised they fit, since Mom was so tiny.  L surprises us by jumping into the water and we all applaud.  There is a wedding party in a boat and the entire party applauds.

I'm in the ocean but feel apprehensive.  I know something is swimming all around me.  I realize I am surrounded by black whales.  They are beautiful and enormous and I'm frightened.  One whale swims beneath me and I'm lifted standing on its back.  I ride amongst the pod of whales this way and it is exhilarating and beautiful.

The last part of the dream I am looking at and trying to understand what this small black thing is.  It looks something like a piece of coal with many small specks all over it.  This black thing has water flowing over it constantly.  Like a fountain of water that makes it shimmer.  I keep looking closely, concerned that the small shapes might be insects or worms but it never seems that they are alive.  There is much movement and I'm not sure if the water is creating this effect.  I wake still not having figured out what it is.  

The four sections of this dream give us the present issue, bring up the origin of the issue, then present the crisis and a new resolution to the issue.  And finally the dreamer is left with a puzzle.

Without going into every facet of this complex dream, I will give a brief interpretation that the dreamer felt was relevant.

The first part of the dream is about the dreamer's recent experience with a return of her Lyme disease and western medicine.  She took their treatments, couldn't go out into the sun during the summer and yet the pain is still present and nothing much was accomplished.  This is represented by the contaminated needles and the thought she should go to the hospital.  Virgo is associated with doctors and healing. In this part of the dream, she is presented with her wound--western medicine just didn't help her.   The dreamer usually uses alternative doctors, so her going to a western doctor was dictated by family members who were worried about her.  So she tried it.  And it didn't help.

 The next part of the dream shows us where the emotional component of the flair-up might be rooted.  It has to do with trying to fit into a pattern that her mother established.  Her mother had polio as a child, became a nurse and died young.  The dreamer is quite independent of her mother's opinions but we all have deep, psychological beliefs from our childhood.  Clothes represent attitudes we put on, beliefs we live by.  These clothes, with their peacock colors, indicate the rules of being married, since peacocks are symbols of Hera, the Goddess of relationships and marriage. And the diamond pattern symbolizes how her mom set the pattern of partnership, as if this represented her 'higher Self''. How do we have self-ownership in a partnership?  Do we make our own decisions or listen to our partner's?  How free are we in our partnerships to stand up for what we believe in?

Even though she thinks the clothes should be too small on her, the dreamer fits into them.  And her older sister--who is also married--always the emotional sister, does the unexpected and jumps into the water.  The dreamer's mom was not openly emotional, and all the girls were taught to reign in their emotions, except for this sister.  It might be that the dreamer wants to express her feelings more openly--the blues and greens of the dresses also relate to the heart and throat chakras.  Perhaps the dreamer needs to express some of her more negative emotions in her marriage, which is hard for this intelligence, calm and compassionate woman.  But the wedding party and her sister would applaud her for doing the unexpected.

 Pilot Whale tends to stick to the deeper waters and
 are praised for their extremely high level of intelligence.

So while this flair-up manifests physically, the emotional component seems to be sourced in listening to others instead of listening to and trusting herself, and being more flexible about expressing her emotions.  That's where the 3rd part, the crisis, comes into play.  When the dreamer goes into the waters of the Unconscious, the ancient wisdom of her soul responds.  This is the Pisces element.  The whales symbolize the ancient records of life here on Earth--the Akashic Records.  They come to uphold her, which is both frightening and overwhelmingly glorious.  Can the dreamer trust her soul's wisdom rather than conventional wisdom?

The fourth part is the resolution.  The mysterious piece of 'coal'.  Coal is the prima materia that turns into a diamond. This piece symbolizes the dreamer's own core Self, washed in the waters of her tears and the waters of life.  It is full of scintillating light which indicates her Diamond Body or Higher Self, which can be revealed through the waters of her emotional body.  She has to explore the mystery of her own Self.

What this dreamer realized is that she can listen to her own instincts, trust their guidance and find out what her Higher Self is teaching her through her illness.  And knowing her, so much more wisdom is to come!

Until Next Time,
Sweet Dreams!

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